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A product of the post war baby boom, Larry grew up in Encino, California down the street from Edward Everett Horton and around the corner from Roy Rogers.  As one of the original Valley guys and living in the shadow of the major motion picture studios, it wasn't a far reach for him to believe that some day he could have a future in the business.  As luck would have it, his career made a gigantic leap when he walked into a photography class in high school taught by H. Warren King.  Little did he know at the time but this class would change his life forever.  

Still photography became his life, along with competitive swimming and a little rock n'roll now and then.  He was cruising until that draft notice showed up in July of '68.  Knowing that the Army was not for him, he enlisted in the Air Force and spent the next for 4 years traveling the globe as a photographer and managing an Air Force photo lab in Turkey.  

New York, Florida, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, if an Air Force transport flew there and bus, train, or bush pilot could get him further along, Larry and his camera were sure to take advantage of it.

It wasn't all play though; he did photograph a few Generals and some airplanes for Uncle Sam along the way.  Little did he know at the time but his film career was to get a huge boost when he shared an office/film lab behind the screen of the base theater in Adana, Turkey.  He just so happened to share this office with renowned Director of Photography, Greg Andracke.  

His first film production experiences were watching Greg shoot and edit news footage for the local AFRTS station at Incirlik Airbase.  Upon discharge in '72, Larry returned to Gainesville, Florida to continue his education. While attending Santa Fe College, he was hired by the college as their cinematographer/editor.  Somehow they got the notion that he could make film.  Go figure.  As it turned out he could and a documentary filmmaker was born.