Show Manager/Media Coordinator/Production Manager



"I've worked with Larry on a large corporate video project and various creative endeavors! Larry brings a huge amount of expertise to the video production process as well as ideas and a good nature. These projects are driven by deadline and budget, Larry never forgets that, but he also adds a wonderful sense of "can do" which I admire! I would not hesitate for a moment to hire Larry again for future projects."

Cindy Laudadio-Hill

Creative Director, Flying Rabbits Creative Consulting, 2008


"Larry is very knowledgeable about the video production process. I learned a tremendous amount from the few shoots that I accompanied him on. Not only could he 'get' what was being created but helped foresee problems/issues."

Kirby Kana

New Media Director, Leopard Communications, An Ogilvy Company, 2006


"We use a video to spotlight our award winners at our annual conference of 6,000 technology professionals. Over several years of producing this video, Larry has become so familiar with our needs that working with him is like working with another staff member. He's creative, flexible, professional, and responsive to cost considerations. The video has earned a top-quality reputation -- one of our members recently commented that it was, hands down, the one thing that made the conference seem like a 'big-time' event."

Karen McBride

Manager of Member Programs, EDUCAUSE, 2004


"We've worked with Larry for a year and a half to produce high-quality videos as a foundation of our corporate communications program.  We have been delighted with the results and even had one video win a prestigious national award for excellence in employee communications.  As exceptional as the productions have been, he has even surpassed that with his outstanding business orientation and customer service.  Larry excels in working with us to translate our desired business outcomes into communication vehicles that really work.  His customer service is unbeatable as evidenced by the many 'hoops' he had jumped through and over to meet our unique and sometimes almost unreasonable requests. We have been truly delighted that we chose Larry as our communications partner."

Jim Downey

Corporate Director of Organizational Development, Mail-Well, 2001