Show Manager/Media Coordinator/Production Manager


OCTOBER, 2005...EDUCAUSE PRESENTS AWARDS AT NATIONAL CONFERENCE - For the 5th year in a row, Larry was once again on the road to interview this years award winners.  This project is always a highlight for Larry because it gives him a chance to see into the future of high technology at university campuses across the country.

MAY, 2005...NEW YORK, NEW YORK - After a years worth of research, The Sterling Group was ready to reveal to the world the results of their leading edge retail buying study and Larry was there to film Senior Vice President, Mike Sweeney present, The Shopping Experience. IBM Retail Store Solutions funded the research project and Leopard produced the video.

MARCH, 2005...WORKPLACE CONCEPT ON WHITE - Leopard tapped Larry to direct the live action sequences required for their high concept production of the animated intro to the IBM Workplace demo.  The production was shot on the LSI sound stage in Denver.

JANUARY, 2005...WHO SAID IT'S COLD IN BOSTON IN THE WINTER - It was 60 degrees and raining for Larry in Boston for the IBM Retail Store Solutions client interview at the Stop & Shop grocery chain.  This customer reference video focused on IBM's latest shopping technology and business partner, Cuesol.

DECEMBER, 2004...GOING SOUTH FOR IBM SELF CHECKOUT - Leopard Producer, Patrick Cullie and Larry made the journey south to Jacksonville, Florida for IBM Retail Store Solutions.  It took shooting all night in a Winn-Dixie but they got all the shots that we're scripted for the IBM Self Checkout product video.  Larry then edited the rough and final cuts, so Patrick could score the music and sweeten the audio.  While in Jacksonville, Larry interviewed an executive from Winn-Dixie for an IBM customer reference video.

OCTOBER, 2004...EDUCAUSE PRESENTS AWARDS AT NATIONAL CONFERENCE - The edit is complete and awards were presented, at last, to an audience of more than 3000 at the Denver Convention Center.  The Excellence in Leadership award winner, M. Stuart Lynn, gave a very emotional thank you to the association and his peers that spoke, so highly, of the effect he had on their lives.

SEPTEMBER, 2004...IBM AUTONOMIC COMPUTING IS 3 YEARS OLD - To mark the 3rd anniversary of IBM Autonomic Computing, Larry traveled Michigan, Texas and California to interview IBM clients, Whirlpool and Credit Union of Texas and IBM Business Partner, Cisco Systems.  The finished videos were presented during an event sponsored by Gartner to celebrate the anniversary.